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Distressed Finish Range Hoods

ABBAKA is the only manufacturer to offer distressed finish range hoods sealed with a protective, automotive-grade matte lacquer clear coat finish. Beware the so-called “living finish” which is merely wax coated. The wax can and will break down and the copper or brass will be unprotected from tarnish producing finger printing. Although the print can be polished off, so too the antiquing to expose a copper or brass “bright spot”. Choose the ABBAKA antique finish for enduring beauty.

Antique Copper

One of our standard Arc Form designs has been chemically aged to create a classic distressed finish.


Antique Bronze

Brass has been chemically aged for an “oil rubbed bronze” look and sealed with our protective top coat.

Hammered Aged Copper

32 oz copper is hand hammered, then fired in an oven in a proprietary process that creates a no-maintenance finish.


Satin Brushed Copper

The mellow muted reflection of the brushed copper is protected with our easy care clear coat sealant.