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Custom Designed Range Hoods

From a clipping, snapshot, rough sketch or detailed drawing, you can create your own original custom range hood concept.

Custom Options Examples

Special Finishes – Antique Copper and Brass. Antque or Honed Stainless Steel

Custom Ventilation Systems – CFM capacity over 1400

Mixed Metals – combinations of stainless, copper or brass

Aesthetic Resize of Standard Designs- Modify dimensions

Hoods for Cathedral Ceilings – current record height 31 feet

Standard Finishes

Polished and Satin Stainless Steel

Polished (un-coated) and Satin Copper (coated)

Polished (un-coated) and Satin Brass (coated)

Antique Bronze with no maintenance finish

Antique Copper with no maintenance finish

Hammered aged rustic finish

Hoods Liners and Ventilators

ABBAKA offers metal hood liners, complete with halogen lights, baffle filters, light and motor speed controls
for use with custom wood hoods, mantels, arches, stone, tiled or plaster-formed hoods. The hood liners are powered
by your choice of our Hy-Ex Remote Ventilator, super quiet new Internal fans or Attic (in-line blower).