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Sleek shapes guaranteed to perform even over the largest 60” or 70” range

31’ ceiling current record!

Widths to 9’ or more!

Rivets, Bands and More

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Hood Liners and Ventilators

ABBAKA offers metal hood liners, complete with halogen lights, baffle filters, light and motor speed controls for use with custom wood hoods, mantels, arches, stone, tiled or plaster-formed hoods. The hood liners are powered by your choice of our Hy-Ex Remote Ventilator or Attic (in-line blower).

Hy-Ex Exterior Ventilation

      – use if
  • duct run is long, has many turns, or is restricted
  • Cooktop or range is professional style or large – 48”, 60” or more
  • hood design is low profile
  • the ultimate low noise system is desired!

Attic (In-Line) Ventilation

      – use if
  • duct run is long, has many turns or is restricted
  • cooking equipment is professional style or large
  • exhaust outlet is at outside of house in aesthetic or noise-sensitive location
  • a minimum of one elbow, plus 15’ ducting between hood and ventilator recommended to achieve minimum motor noise benefit!

Hy-Ex™ Exterior Wall/Roof Mount

Move the motor noise from inside the hood to outside the house. The roof or outside wall-mounted ventilators are offered in 1000 and 1400 CFM*.

*higher capacity offered for +66”W hood