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Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The Hy-Ex External Blower from Abbaka

Hy-Ex Professional Exterior Ventilator

The industry’s quietest roof or exterior wall mounted ventilator with power enough for the largest commercial style range. All this in an architectural design that makes a minimal impact on any home’s exterior appearance, and does so far more decoratively than any other roof vent kitchen exhaust fan offered.

  • Hyper quiet- just 66 decibels
  • Low Profile- 9″ at the apex curving to just 7″ height
  • Ultra High Performance – 1000 or 1400 CFM
  • 7-Year Warranty – the industry’s best

Attic (in-line) Duct Ventilator

Install a powerful kitchen range hood ventilator outside the living area, with the Attic (in-line) blower that mounts under the roof in a crawl space or similarly accessible location.

  • Compact – just 12 ½ to 14″ diameter by 15″ in length
  • Powerful – 800 or 1200 CFM
  • Adaptable – install at any angle or point in ductwork
  • 3-Year Warranty

Interior Ventilators

A good choice of kitchen exhaust fan if hood is on an outside wall of the kitchen where Attic Blower cannot be used and exterior ventilator is not preferred.

  • 600 or 1200 CFM
  • Variable Motor Speed Control
External Blower
Attic Mounted Blower
Interior Blower