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Range Hood Blowers & External Range Hood Blowers

The Hy-Ex External Blower from Abbaka

The primary objectives in the design of the Hy-Ex range hood blowers were to one, produce the ultimate in quiet operation – in essence “The Dolby””* of external range hood blowers.
Secondly, to fabricate an extremely “architectural” design, in essence creating a look that is as much of an embellishment as a copper corbel. Mission accomplished. Hy-Ex External Blowers are a mere 9″ tall at their peak, in a “millennium curve” design dipping to just 7″.

Third, rugged powder coated epoxy enamels in metallic copper or matte black finish elevate this mechanical necessity to a decorative element.

The final objective was to produce the ultimate in function. This resulted in maintenance-free unit with permanently sealed ball bearings (no periodic oiling); thermal overload protection (motor shuts off before damage, then resets for operation once the shutdown condition is cleared); external rotor construction places the motor at the center of the permanently attached fan wheel for superior cooling. The bottom line, ABBAKA offers a 7-Year Warranty, unheard of, which out does the next longest warranty (5 years) by 140%.

* Dolby is the registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories and is not intended to represent an affiliation, endorsement, or in any way a connection with ABBAKA product.