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Choosing The Right Ventilation System

ABBAKA XL Professional Hood Liners and Ventilation systems offer you all the options. Use the guide below to select the right ventilation system for your application

Built In Ventilator

The XL Hood Liner powered by our 600 or 1200 CFM centrifugal exhausters is the simplest of installations. It is well suited if the hood will be mounted on an outside wall of the kitchen. Here an in-line ventilator can’t be used and the proximity of a remote mounted just outside might create an unacceptable operating sound lever. A disadvantage is if used in a small hood over cooktop with BBQ grill where CFM capacity cannot be increased.

Attic (in-line) Duct Ventilator

The XL Hood Liner powered by our 800 or 1200 CFM in-line exhauster is a good option if CC & R’s preclude roof or wall mounting of a remote ventilator, or if tiled or slate roof make installation tricky. Compact and efficient, the operating sound level is high. Avoid choosing if blower will be mounted above a bedroom or other “quiet” zone. Add our Duct Silencer to eliminate 50% of motor noise transfer to hood.

Hy-Ex Remote Ventilator

The XL Hood Liner powered by our roof or exterior wall mounted 1000 or 1400 CFM ventilator gives you big power in a small package. Move the motor from inside the hood to outside the house for the quietest system of all. Just 66 decibels of ambient noise, about the sound of a window mounted air conditioner. You can also “over-spec” the exhaust capacity versus hood size for cooktops or ranges with barbecue grills, or big woks.