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Range Hood Insert Installation Instructions

Liner Insert Powered by Interior Ventilation
Hood Liners With Internal Ventilation

High performance, dual inlet squirrel cage blower produces 600 CFM, or 1200 CFM with 2-blower configuration. External rotor construction continuously cools the motor for extra long life. Anti-vibration motor mounts make for quiet operation. Solid state variable speed control lets you dial the exact exhaust needed.

Liner Insert Powered by Hy-Ex Remote Ventilator
Hood Liners With Hy-Ex Remote Ventilation

The best of all worlds, a finely detailed hood insert, harnessed to the world’s quietest remote ventilator. Choose 1000 or 1400 CFM capacity with complete control from our infinitely variable motor speed switch.

Liner Insert Powered by Attic (in-line) Ventilator
Hood Liners With Attic (in-line) Ventilation

Wish to have the motor outside the hood but cannot install on roof, then choose the Attic blower. 800 or 1200 CFM capacity is regulated by fully variable motor speed control.