Reasons for using a kitchen exhaust fan

The kitchen fan is an essential part of most kitchens and can provide your home with a number of benefits and so there are many excellent reasons for their use.


The fundamental ground for kitchen exhaust fans is extraction of air, smoke, steam and the smells in that air. Exhaust fans provide this by pulling the old air out of the kitchen and allowing it to escape through exterior vents. This ensures that kitchens, which are often the hub of the home, don’t end up steam and smoke filled areas. This makes the kitchen a more comfortable place for all the family and can lead to an improved quality of life.

The higher the CFM of a fan the higher the extraction rate of the air from the room. Fans with between 600-1400 CFM provide a strong extraction ability and help you with any problems caused by cooking.

These rooms are often filled with the grease, smoke and moisture of cooking. These unwanted produce of cooking can cause all sorts of problems for a home. Residue of smells and smoke often stick to walls, ceilings, carpets and furniture and can be difficult to get rid of, maybe even causing damage. Regular cleaning and upkeep can cost a lot of money. Exhaust fans can remove these greasy pollutants and ensure things are working smoothly and that there are no problems with your possessions caused by your cooking.


In the summer especially, the kitchen can be a very warm and uncomfortable place to be. Exhaust fans ease this burden and provide proper ventilation in the kitchen. They also remove the smoke caused by cooking, which can cause health issues. The products and particles of cooking cover your kitchen during cooking. In time these can cause problems for you if not removed. The exhaust fan removes these pollutants immediately, ensuring they aren’t left around the home and then may damage your health.


If you own a business that requires you to cook for patrons, you certainly don’t want some of the less attractive smells being experienced by the patrons. Restaurant owners will find that a good kitchen fan can prevent the products of cooking, boiling, frying, or baking reaching the business’s customers.

In the case of a business, not purchasing a good extraction fan is a foolish move that costs more in the long term, than the short term.


Exhaust hoods keep areas cool, and once they are maintained, reduce the incidence of fire and danger to employees and customers. This of course is the most important benefit and in some cases may even be a factor in the reduction of insurance costs.

The benefits of an exhaust fan are clear for both safety and also practical reasons. They can make the kitchen a more enjoyable, safer and plainly, better place.