The superior range hood blower fan

Many of us use the kitchen for more than cooking alone. The kitchen is as much the social hub of the home as it is the area for food preparation. So, why would you want your family moments to be drowned out by your range hood blower?

Fortunately, the superior range of hood blowers we provide can make your requests for silence come through. These range hood blowers manage to eliminate all smells, odors and smoke through high-quality ventilation that doesn’t have the downside of being noisy.

Hy-Ex Exterior Ventilator

The Hy-Ex Range of hood blowers are capable of producing the ultimate in quiet ventilation and are ‘The Dolby’ of external range hood blowers. However, performance is not all they offer, and they are also aesthetically very attractive and create a pleasing look that will really add to your home. Their low profile dimensions of 9 inches at the apex, curving to just 7 inches means they offer a very neat ventilation system.

These fans reduce noise to an unrivalled degree as they offer a powerful system that is situated away from the living area and come complete with an inline silencer to reduce the noise indoors to 66 decibels. They also offer very high performance with CFM of 1000 or 1400.

Functionally and notably, they are also maintenance-free units, which don’t require periodic oiling as they come with sealed ball bearings. They come with thermal overload protection meaning the motor shuts off before it is damaged and resets again once safe operation is cleared. They also come with an external rotor that provides better cooling than other fans as the motor at the centre is constantly attached to the fan wheel.

Confidence is added by the fact that ABBAKA is offering a seven year guarantee with this product, which is two years longer than the competition’s maximum.


Attic In-Line Duct Ventilator

These blowers are installed outside of the kitchen area in the attic and so are quite demure, though offer a very powerful amount of ventilation. The range hood blowers are situated under the rood in a crawl space, or another area that is easily accessed if maintenance is required.

Coming with a three year warranty, this should be unlikely, though you know that if there is a repair needed, you are covered for a long enough time to ensure the blower you install runs more than smoothly.

The compact size of these blowers means that they take up little space and at just 12.5 to 14 inches in diameter, and 15inches in length they are far from extraordinarily large and yet provide a great deal of near silent, powerful ventilation.

Depending on the range hood blower, it is possible to get between 800-1200 CFM of ventilation, which is more than enough to ensure your kitchen is clear of smoke, smells and steam. This power is in no way a compensation for noise and as mentioned before these range hood blowers are created around the premise your kitchen is an area for talk, socializing and family.

Interior Ventilators

This is a great choice of the kitchen exhaust fan if you decided against an exterior ventilator, an attic blower cannot be used, and the hood is on an outside wall. . They have variable motor speed control and provide 600 or 1200CFM meaning, there is substantial power for clearing your room of odors, smoke, or unwanted steam.

The decision is up to you and your circumstances, though we can assure you that these offer top class range hood blowers

High Quality Range Hood Inserts

High quality range hood inserts can really add an element as style as well as, function to your kitchen.

This selection of range hood inserts is the equivalent of the beautiful ABBAKA Hood Collection in vent hood liner form. These inserts are completely finished before being placed under your custom hood and are suitable for wood hoods, mantles, arches, alcoves, stone, tiled, or plaster formed hoods.

Available in both standard and custom sizes, these high-quality range hood inserts are attached in a concealed manner and there are no visible screws, furthering their sleek attractive aesthetic. All of these hood inserts are pre-wired and so come ready to be installed. The stainless manner of these hoods ensures they are rust proof, while the mixture of high-performance blowers ensures they are extremely silent in operation.

All hoods come with a solid state light dimmer with control. This halogen lighting is placed with skill and measurement and provides a flood/ angle ratio that offers the user the perfect illumination all over the surface area. Because of the halogen lights used there are no hot spots and the high-quality range hood inserts, of course come with mood lighting, ensuring you make the most of your range.

Hoods come in a range of sizes from 36-78 inches wide in 6-inch intervals, and custom hoods can be made in a four-week time period to any required dimensions.

The exhaust capacities of these hoods vary from 600-1400CFM, ensuring there is a high capacity of ventilation and enough power for even the most challenging tasks. This is not to say the fans produce a significant amount of noise; some liners produce sounds of below 5.1 sones – about the noise a car makes at a distance of 33 feet away. This will ensure kitchens won’t sound like airplane engines and ensures your comfort when using your hood insert.

The quiet manner in which these machines works is created by the level of technology in the high-quality range hood inserts. The anti-vibration motor and dual inlet squirrel cage blower in the interior ventilation version allow for silence and high performance up to 1200CFM.

For capacity of up to 1400CFM the liner insert powered by Hy-Ex Remote ventilator is the world’s quietest. Of course if you can’t install the motor on the roof, but wish to place it on the outside, the Attic range hood Blower will fulfil requirements and produces a CFM capacity of 800-1200. Both high-quality range hood inserts CFM capacities are regulated by fully variable motor speed control.

The mixture of a high power, to size ratio allows the liner hoods to move air through longer duct runs, which is of significant advantage in the kitchen. All hoods are made of commercial-grade materials and are constructed to that degree, ensuring you’re getting the very best product available and satisfaction with your high-quality range hood inserts.