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The Hy-Ex External Blower from Abbaka

Range Hoods

The first, and still the only completely seamless Kitchen range hoods and island range hoods. The lower canopy and exhaust flue are joined without a trace, free of the joints, screwed connections, break lines or rivets found in custom range hoods of lesser quality.

Range Hood Inserts

XL Professional range hood inserts present a complete range of vent hood liners that are the equal of the ABBAKA Hood Collection. For use with custom wood hoods, mantles, arches, alcoves, stone, tiled or plaster-formed hoods, each liner is finely crafted…

Range Hood Blowers

The primary objectives in the design of the Hy-Ex range hood blowers were to one, produce the ultimate in quiet operation – in essence “The Dolby””* of external range hood blowers. Secondly, to fabricate an extremely “architectural” design,…

Vent Accessories

ABBAKA offers a complete line of venting accessories. Choose duct silencers to reduce motor noise transfer, roof caps to channel exhaust air to the outside, rubber-lined duct clamps and backdraft dampers to keep the warm in and the cold out.

About Us

Based in Blandon, Pennsylvania, ABBAKA has been a part of the kitchen and bath industry for 30 years and member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Each hood is hand built by mastercraftsmen of several American elite custom metal works, bringing 85 years of experience and the combined skills of three generations.

The most technologically advanced and broadest range of U.S. built ventilation systems are combined with the cutting edge in hood design.

National distribution, sales and service is provided from the most skilled and practiced appliance specialists across the country.

The ABBAKA Original, introduced in 1981, created the market for euro kitchen range hoods and copper range hoods. ABBAKA continues to lead the way with the introduction of ever newer designs and finishes to fit the changing trends and tastes.

We provide complete custom design engineering and consultation from your concept to manufactured hood. Formal quotations are made for each job delineating your project specifics. We build one hood at a time for one kitchen at a time.
Design philosophy

The process of cooking ventilation must be expressed as a piece of metal artwork. Aesthetics and performance are of equal value and importance. We believe that a hood should be more than an appliance, that it is an integral part of the kitchen design.

ABBAKA Range Hoods


The leader in handcrafted range hoods of copper, polished stainless steel, stainless steel, aged bronze and brass.

ABBAKA, metal sculptures in kitchen range ventilation. Prices beginning at $4950. Let us build a masterwork for you.


Seamless kitchen exhaust hoods the first and still the only 1-piece kitchen hood with stack and canopy joined without a trace. Island range hoods. Euro kitchen range hoods.


Handcrafted custom range hoods and standard range vent hoods fashioned by master craftsmen from one of the worlds most elite metal works.


Custom range hoods – if you can imagine it, we can build it.  Luxury Metals & finishes, stainless steel, copper or brass; polished, brushed, distressed, antiqued.


Kitchen exhaust fans Hy-Ex 1.4K the quietest roof and wall exhaust fan available; up to 1400 CFM.


Range hood liner XL Professional Liners for wood range hoods, stucco range hoods, range hood shell and designer wood range hoods.

ABBAKA Projects

Since 1982, ABBAKA range hoods have been handcrafted for the most elegant kitchens in the finest homes across the United States. Our unwavering attention to detail has also been applied to the demanding world of multi-unit projects.

Working with the developer, architect, general contractor, interior design firm and the skilled trades, ABBAKA has met the complex demands for aesthetics in balance with ventilation performance as part of the entire HVAC system, while pre-engineering and tailoring each hood to the concise installation requirements specific to the project.

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